My One-Step-At-A-Time System to Keeping Overwhelm at Bay

Uncategorized Feb 11, 2020

Today I’m literally vibrating with the to-do list antsies.   So much to dive into and check off!   Big tasks, little tasks!  Boring tasks, fun tasks! And yet this list is a potential (huge) source of overwhelm.  

So what does a coach who specializes in helping people overcome overwhelm do when she’s dancing with overwhelm herself?  Two things.


  1. Self-coach.  Grab my journal and start to write out all the items on my mind.  Then answer the question “What’s going on for me today?” See the first paragraph above for my actual answer....
  2. Time-estimate and prioritize.  Grab my coloured gel pen* and do what I know works for me every day, overwhelmed or not:
    • Estimate the time each item will take
    • Prioritize the whole list
    • Start with #1 and go one step at a time.
    • Stay within the time estimates as much as possible  - carry over the task to the next day if it’s taking longer, and move on to the next task on your list.


*The photo on this blog post is a snapshot of this system at work!  It doesn’t show my agenda with meetings and lunchtime blocks, simply illustrates the task management component. 

One step at a time.   

Using this system lets me truly let go of the mind clutter, calm down and focus. I’m always surprised at how much I get done as a result of this system, AND how much time seems to get away on me if I let the system slip!

What are your techniques for keeping overwhelm at bay?


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