"I am thrilled with my decision to work with Lisa. Our time together has been invaluable in helping me work towards achieving my goals. I now book coaching sessions as though they are meetings for a client. I’m the client in this case and I don’t feel guilty for taking the meeting."

Karen Merrifield
Creative Director, Polychrome Creative & Fern & Moon (Coaching Client)

"Working one-on-one with you is one of the best investments I’ve made in myself. I wasn’t kidding when I said that it was serendipitous that we met."

(Coaching Client)

"I feel I have my feet back under me and a path."

Lynne Ivanovich
HR Professional (Coaching Client)

"I had the absolute pleasure of hearing Lisa speak at an event held by Avanti Women for International Women’s Day. From the very beginning she shared her journey from the corporate world to the entrepreneurial world with honesty and openness. What I like the most about Lisa is her reachability - she has always been available to me via various social media platforms to bounce ideas off of. She is very encouraging and uplifting in all of her messages."

Florence Casuga
Retail Manager (Conference Attendee)

"One thing is for sure, I now understand the value of working with a coach to help keep things moving in the right direction. If I hadn’t started working with Lisa, I’d probably still be feeling as stuck today as I did 6 months ago."

(Coaching Client)

"Lisa has been a tremendous help for me. I came in with a completely different expectation for what having a coach would be like. One thing that I really appreciated was the initial discussion around what my expectations are and what exactly Lisa could help me with. We discussed the 3 pillars of coaching, Awareness, Choices and Trust in Self. I feel that she has helped me in each of these areas. I have gained a new awareness and I am able to have more confidence in the choices I make and trust that they are working for me. Thank you Lisa."

Kenny B.
(Coaching Client)

"Lisa is an incredible life and business coach. Her balance of presence, support and powerful questions continue to help me tackle and sort through life’s challenges and changes one at a time with a goal of achieving what I really want."

Jacquie R.
(Coaching Client)

"Lisa helps me be accountable to myself and my goals. She coaches from her head and her heart. As such she is a compassionate listener who takes the thoughts and feelings of her clients and builds them into action plans. She is also the type of coach who challenges her clients to reflect on their commitments. I have grown as a person and a professional with the support of her coaching expertise."

Kimberley A.
(Coaching Client)

"The time I spent with Lisa was incredibly worthwhile....even more successful than I thought it would be!  I'm still me, only better! Our work together helped me define my own style of leadership, and start honing my skills and abilities as a leader.  The key takeaways for me have been learning to not rush, to be deliberate and to create and live by my own set of guiding principles. I also learned about the faulty story I sometimes tell myself and am able to move forward and not get stuck when I notice it. My commitment to a daily practice of my new skills has empowered me to share with others what I've learned, particularly about finding their own Inner Ally!"

Nicole Kitunen
Sales Professional (Coaching Client)


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