Hello there - I'm thrilled to meet you!

I help high-achieving leaders elevate results and overcome overwhelm

I spent over 20 years leading teams in the corporate world, across several industries and functions. 

During the course of my career and life, I've navigated some huge transitions.  The decision to leave my last role as Vice President in a large organization came as a result of many factors  - boredom, exhaustion and burnout, plus a growing sense that there was a better way for me to impact this world!  Through necessity (a sales trainer vacancy on one of my teams), I had rediscovered my love of facilitation and 1:1 coaching.  I realized that working with leaders on a more personal level was what I REALLY wanted!  So I left my job, immediately incorporated and enrolled in the renowned Adler Coach Training program. 

I know what it's like to be a high-achieving leader where nothing is enough. You always want to achieve more, and yet get frustrated and overwhelmed due to multiple demands from work, home and your own ambitions.  As a Leadership Coach and Consultant, my mission is to help as many people as possible get clarity around what they want, build capability and amplify their confidence.  And overcome overwhelm at the same time!  

What qualifies me to do this? Over 20 years in business as a leader, executive and performance consultant, and as owner of a thriving coaching practice and business facilitating leadership development workshops and organizational effectiveness initiatives.

 Why work with me?  I am known for my strategic yet highly practical approach. Genuine and empathetic, I listen closely and ask GREAT questions to help both you and me figure out what you need and want to accomplish.  Then I help you get there through strong process and facilitation skills.

On the corporate consulting side, I provide services under my Green Apple Consulting Inc. brand I believe the employee experience drives the customer experience – and that a strong employee experience is cultivated through mindfully-built practices around attraction, recruitment, onboarding, and people development.  


  • Certified Coach with International Coach Federation (ACC)
  • CTDP (Certified Training and Development Professional)
  • B.A. and B. Ed degrees
  • Certified in True TILT Profile Assessment, DISC and Total Strengths Deployment Inventory

Click here to visit my Linkedin Profile if you would like more details.

Who am I when not at work? I  enjoy life at home with my amazing teenaged son, my gorgeous-inside-and-out husband, my senior citizen dad and our sweet rescue dog. 

I adore digging into my latest book, going for long walks and planning our next trip!

Why the name “Green Apple” for the Consulting side of things?  I facilitate learning for my clients both as a Coach and as a Facilitator. Few things are more symbolic of learning than a beautiful, crisp, whole apple. And green is the colour of growth, energy and vitality – key outcomes of learning and coaching done well!


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