You [Reframed]

You. Only better!

Leading YOUR way at work and in life.

Clear, capable, confident!

No longer reverting back to old ways. Mastering new habits that amplify results and overcome overwhelm!

I want to know more!

You [Reframed] teaches you to see yourself - and your world - differently. 

Stop playing 4x6 small and upgrade to glorious 16x20 big - with a gorgeous frame and deluxe triple matting!

Which statement describes you?

  • You're ready to achieve your biggest stretch goal ever
  • It's time for you to finally find the energy to have a life
  • You are done with feeling overwhelmed and stuck
  • You want to build a career intentionally, one that didn't just happen to you
  • You want to build confidence and show up as a leader at work and in life

How does it work?

Together, we'll dig deep so you can tap into what you really want, need and deserve.

Get Clarity

  • Identify your wants and don't-wants
  • Figure out your strengths and values 
  • Set crystal-clear goals and design your vision

Build Capability

  • Experiment with new tools, techniques and habits
  • Unlearn unhelpful behaviours
  • Develop your leadership presence 

Amplify Confidence and Results

  • Learn how to get unstuck
  • Confront your Faulty Story and Secret Fear
  • Create momentum
  • Plan sustainment
  • Celebrate!

What Results Can You Expect?

I only work with high-achieving leaders who are ready to show up fully and do the work! 

If that's not you, I'm not the right coach for you.  If it IS you, here is what you will get as a result of this program:

  • Increased confidence 
  • Reduced overwhelm
  • Improved leadership effectiveness
  • Increased accountability and follow-through
  • Self-coaching skills

"The time I spent with Lisa was incredibly worthwhile....even more successful than I thought it would be!  I'm still me, only better! Our work together helped me define my own style of leadership, and start honing my skills and abilities as a leader.  The key takeaways for me have been learning to not rush, to be deliberate and to create and live by my own set of guiding principles. I also learned about the faulty story I sometimes tell myself and am able to move forward and not get stuck when I notice it. My commitment to a daily practice of my new skills has empowered me to share with others what I've learned, particularly about finding their own Inner Ally!"

Nicole Dupuis
Sales Professional

Frequently Asked Questions

The program is well-suited to you if you describe yourself using one or more of these statements:


  • High-achiever with a big stretch goal and you'd love some help getting there more efficiently
  • Dreaming a big, new dream yet unclear where to start in terms of making it real
  • Stuck - thinking about a big work or career change  and unsure where to start
  • Overwhelmed and over-extended
  • Keep getting in my own way, not following through
  • Experiencing trouble navigating relationships and difficult conversations
  • Lacking assertiveness and confidence
  • On the path to burnout - or already there!

Coaching is a service where results achieved are dependent on how much effort and commitment YOU, the client, puts in.   As a result, there are no guarantees nor refunds for the live coaching program. It's a bit like buying a ticket to see Dancing with the Stars Live (or whatever your fave show might be!)  If you get sick that night and can't go, there is no refund. 

For this reason, make sure you are ready and can commit the time needed to make results happen!  I provide the framework and structure for your work and facilitate your progress throughout using my extensive knowledge, skills, tools and experience. 

When you sign up and pay for the live coaching package, you are agreeing that you are fully committed, and accept full accountability for your results.

If you purchase the online course version, a refund is available after you complete the first module, and before you complete the second one.

Plan for about 2-3 hours every two weeks, which includes our session and follow-up work.

  • We meet every two weeks, generally, over a 6-month period
  • We meet using ZOOM video - no travel time required!
  • All 12 sessions must be used within an eight month period (specified in the contract) or they expire
  • Session #1 is TWO hours 
  • Sessions #2-12 are ONE hour each
  • Homework time varies - it depends on how you learn, what you're working on and what next steps you commit to each meeting; budget at least 1-2 hours of reflection, practice, or writing time in between sessions for best results.

Happy to help!   Simply send an email to support@lisamitchell.ca and we'll get back to you.

Why Choose Lisa as Your Coach?

Accountability Catalyst

Highly-skilled in goal-setting and accountability techniques. Part of what sets me apart is that I am a Direct Communicator: I will challenge you - nicely - when you are getting in your own way again (when your words and actions contradict each other).

Extensive Resource Toolkit

The True TILT profile is included in every 1:1 coaching package; it is extremely accurate and useful in learning how to live into your potential. It will help you identify your Faulty Story and Secret Fear, so that you can overcome them. Additionally, I have a huge library of tools to draw from depending on what you need: models, worksheets, exercises, book and podcast recommendations.


I bring significant (25 years) experience as a senior leader and executive in the corporate world and more recently as an entrepreneur. I'm a mom, wife, sister, daughter, and caregiver to my senior Dad. I'm also a Burnout Survivor.

Education and Credentials

With a degree in Education, I'm also a Certified Coach, Certified Learning and Development Professional and Certified Change Manager. I am a seasoned instructional designer and master Facilitator of leadership development programs covering everything from strategic mindset to delegation skills.

Enroll Now!

You [Reframed] 6-week Online Course

$97 CDN

Six (6) Online Training Modules combining video instruction AND interactive online learning 

  • 34 lessons ($197 value)
  • 6 Worksheets to support your learning ($97 Value)
  • A new module opens each week 


Setting Priorities Resource Guide ($27 Value)

Career Change Quick Start Tips ($57 Value)

Lisa's personal daily agenda template to support positive new habits ($37 Value)


Total Value  $415

Your Investment:

$97 CDN


You [Reframed] 6-week Online Course PLUS 1:1 coaching with Lisa

$297 CDN

Everything you see in the $97 Online Course option




A 30-minute Live 1:1 Accountability Coaching call with Lisa between weeks 3 and 5 to ensure you take action! ($247 Value)

And these BONUSES:

Personalized written feedback on your written Goal and Measurement   ($147 Value)

Personalized video feedback on your written Accountability Plan ($147 Value)

Total Value  $956

Your Investment: $297 CDN


You [Reframed] 6-Month 1:1 Coaching Program

Apply Now!

13 Hours of 1:1 Live Coaching 

True TILT Profile Assessment and Debrief 

Exercises and Worksheets and personalized Resource Recommendations to support your learning 

Personalized written feedback on your written Goal and Measurement  


Email access to Lisa in between 1:1 sessions (M-F)

Personalized video feedback on your written Accountability Plan 

Complimentary review of a project outline or strategy document with video feedback


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